Full Stack Developer Bootcamp, Lighthouse Labs
June 2023 – August 2023
  • JavaScript, Ruby, Ubuntu
  • Front: JS, HTML, CSS, React
  • Back: JS, Ruby, Postgres, Node
  • Computer Systems Technology, Northwestern Polytechnic
    September 1996 – July 1998
  • ASM, Pascal, C/C++, OOP, SQL
  • Linear algebra, Calculus, Formal Logic
  • Networking, Encryption, Data structures
  • Projects
    Not A Tamagotchi, Implementation of a classic 80's toy on Ethereum
    August 2023 – present

    This project will implement one of the first digital toys re-imagined as a software toy using a web3 API on a traditional web-stack. In development.

    MASTR Tactics, Websocket-based expanded version of Rock-Paper-Scissor
    August 2023 – August 2023

    Final project for Lighthouse Labs using React JS &

    Math game, A time-limited implementation of a math game on Ruby
    July 2023 – July 2023

    A rapid development (2-hour timebox) of a math game implemented in Ruby.

    Blockchain Gaming (Interested in using Layer 2 Ethereum blockchains to underpin secure, immutable game assets.)
    Professional Experience
    Jim Pattison Industries, Network Administrator
    August 2013 – October 2021
  • Designed, implemented and securely maintained a 100-node Cisco/Miraki network
  • Handled procurement, integration, and implementation of all computing technology.
  • Local bare-metal servers, customized VM's
  • Freelance, Field Technician, Support Technician
    January 2001 – August 2014

    Worked as a corporate/consumer PC technician, Technical support agent, programmer, and adult educator for various companies and individuals.

    Bioware, Programming Internship
    June 1999 – September 1999 | Edmonton, Alberta

    Tools developer

    Wrote RAD tools for developers and artists.

    Full Stack Developer
    Experienced from browser to bare-metal. Willing to adopt any language or framework to help create amazing software, and sensitive to the constraints of modern cloud computing and mobile-first philosophy. Most recently, NodeJS, React, Postgres, Ruby, Linux, Windows 11.
    Builder of Linux based single-board computing and IoT style devices, as well as cloud-based stacks for custom internet applications. Recently completed bootcamp curriculum entirely on Ubuntu VM.
    Network Administrator
    Previously an on-site administrator of 120 workstations & 30 printers over a two-building LAN site. Responsible for the design, structure, and implementation of the entire IT infrastructure.